Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Match Day 6

Welcome to Match day 6. After halfway break ladies are back to business. As it goes to the second half league is becoming hotter. Every match and every point is important. Checkout the fixtures.

Match 1 :

Angelina Jolie (35 yrs, 5'8'' , 36 C-24-36)


Maggie Q (31 yrs, 5'6'', 34 B-24-33)

Maggie Q is at dead bottom. Jolie just above the relegation zone. Both fighters are desperate to win. If Maggie is going to come up, this is her best chance to start the run. Can Maggie's asian martial arts skills will work at least on a slim lady like Jolie?

Match 2:

Cameron Diaz ( 38yrs, 5'9'' , 34 B-23-36)


Milla Jovovich (35 yrs, 5'7'', 32 B-24-34)

Cameron Diaz comes to the fight straight from the beach in her black bikini. Milla is suited up. Milla is not in a comfortable position. What's gonna be happened?

Match 3:

Jennifer Garner (38 yrs, 5'8'', 34 C-27-35)


Kate Beckinsale ( 37 yrs, 5'8'', 34 B-24-34)

Why they turned in to bikinis when they fight with Kate? last time Rhona did it, this time Garner. Does fighting with Kate means show off time? Anyway it's difficult to see someone like kate who is in the loosing end of the table can beat a title contender like Garner. But as Adidas say, impossible is nothing. What it's going to be?

Match 4:

Jessica Biel ( 28 yrs, 5'7'', 34 C-26-36)


Rhona Mitra (34 yrs, 5'7'', 34 D-24-35)

Biel is well dressed up to the biggest fight the season. the Title decider. So does Rhona, in her favorite fighting suit black tank top and spandex. Both focusing on one thing and one thing only. Winning this fight. Both respects their opponents more than any other fighter. Both are unbeaten. But only till the end of this night. One will taste her first defeat. Who is it? Who will be the unbeaten queen?

Match 5:

Kristanna Loken (31 yrs, 5'11'', 34 B-24-36)


Kelly Hu (42 yrs, 5'5'', 34 B-24-34)

At least this time can Kristanna can come back with a win? Or her strength and size advantage will not be highlighted against Kelly's Asian martial arts skills and speed? This is a battale of Youth and Strength vs Experience and Speed. Kristanna in a purple one piece showing off her strong and long legs and Kellly in a blue bikni. This is the chance for Kelly to pass Kris in the league table, will she take it.

Voting will be closed on 28th February.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halfway Interviews

Half of the season is over and the league table looks like this.

CFL decided to interview all of their fighters to see how they feel after half way through.

1st they caught Jolie after the match with Kelly in her tomb raider out fit.

Q: Jolie, no doubt you're the most dominant female in action movie industry. But that doesn't reflects here. You''re just above the relegation zone.

Jolie: Ya, I came to this with big hopes. But I couldn't do as I thought. I didn't start well and never got in to my rhythm. So now my hope is just stay out of relegation zone and show who I am in next season.

Q: Do you think you can do it.

Jolie: Yes, most of tough fights have already done and I think I can beat maggie and milla which will keep me over the relegation zone.

Q: What did you mean by show who I am in next season.

Jolie: Well, as I said I couldn't find the rhythm this time. I believe I have the potential to beat all of these girls. People haven't seen the real Angelina Jolie yet. Believe me.

Q: Thanks, Angi. Wish you all the best for the rest of the season.

Jolie: Thanks.

Kelly Hu

Q: Kelly, congrats about the win today.

Kelly: Thanks. That was a hell of a fight. Angi fight really hard gave me a tough fight. Happy to win it finally.

Q: Do you think you still have a chance to win the tittle.

Kelly: It's all about Biel loosing points. It's hard to see she does so. She's so strong and dominant. If rhona beat her in next fixture, and I could also do so after that, I may have a chance. But it's too complicated still to predict any thing as we can't forget about Garner, Diaz and Rhona.

Q: What about the next fight against Kris.

Kelly: Yes she's a big and strong fighter. Fortunately she's in a loosing stream at the moment and I'm much quicker than her. So I'm not taking this easily but I'm positive.

Q: Thanks Kelly, good luck for that and the rest.

Kelly: Thank you.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz walked towards us after the fight with maggie with a pretty smile in her beautiful blue bikini.

Q: How do you feel about yourself after winning 4 out of 5 fights against those young ladies. Did you think you'll become such a competitive contender to the title before the league starts?

Cam: To be honest, No. I came to this just for fun. I thought I'm little too old for such a competitive tournament against those young strong ladies, But now I feel more younger than them and It's a great feeling to beat those asses. I think younger generation is weaker than us except odds like Biel.

Maggie Q

Q: Maggie, not a good season you're having don't you?

Mag: Yes. I'm trying my best, but all of them are bigger than me. It's a very critical factor in this type of fights.

Q: You're the quickest fighter in the league. How couldn't you use it for your benefit?

Mag: I did. My attacking is good. In many cases I was beaten because their 1 hit damages me more than what my 10 hits damage them.

Q: Do you think you can come out of the relegation zone.

Mag; I do. But fights with Jolie and Kate are critical and must win fights to do so.

Q: Have you given up the fights with Biel and Loken.

Mag: I don't think I have no chance against loken. She's beatable even though she's very big. Biel is steady like a rock so i have no much hopes about that, But I'll do in my best.

Q: Thanks and all the best for those.

Mag: Thanks a lot.

Jennifer Garner

Q: You are in a comfortable position in the table. But most of the opponents you had are in the second half of the table?

Jenny: First of all I can be comfortable if only my target isi to survive in the division 1. But it's not. I'm here to fight for the title and as you said I have to go through many tough opponents. I'm surrounded by many tough fighters in the table and I'm not in a comfortable position at all.

Q: Who do you think will be the toughest opponent in up coming fixtures.

Jenny: I'm not taking any of them easily, specially rhona, diaz and loken will give me a hell of a time.

Q: Thank you for your time Jenni,

Jenny: Thank you guys too.

Milla Jovovich

They caught her when she was ready to go after the fight by her bike.

Q: Only 1 win in 5 fights, do you think you can be out of relegation danger.

Milla: Yes I can and I will end up above Kristanna and Kelly in the table. I think I can beat all of my opponents in next fights.

Q: Including Cameron Diaz?

Milla; Including Cameron Diaz (Air quoting). What is she terminator? She's so over rated and I'll end up that.

Q: She dominated Kristanna loken who beat you.

Milla: That was a bad day for loken, otherwise Kristanna is a better fighter than Cameron.

Q: Thank you and good luck Milla.

Milla: Thanks.

Jessica Biel

After another one sided fight Biel came out of the ring and CFL were able to catch her.

Q: Biel, do you think there's any onne in this league who can give you a competition.

Biel: I don't know it and I don't even want it because there's a very thin line between winning a competitive fight and loosing it. There are 2, 3 girls who are right below me in the table and I don't want to loose anything at this moment.

Q: What is the secret of you. Is that your big muscles?

Biel: That is one thing. I work out a lot. I have a high fitness capacity. I trained a lot of fighting in Blade 3 movie which was very useful.

Q: who is the biggest threat for you?

Biel: Rhona is unbeaten so far and she's doing really well.

Q: So do you think next fight of you with her will be the title decider?

Biel: It's fair to say like that, but still other fights are important too.

Q: We wish you good luck against Rhona. Thank you.

Biel: Thanks. I really would need it.

Kristanna Loken

After she knocked out by Biel, doctors came and checked her, then taken to the rest room. It took about an hour to get the approval from doctors for us to talk to her.

Q: Kris, You are the biggest contender of the league and you've trained and done lot of fighting in your acting career. But we don't see you in top part of the table. You were oon the top and started sinking.

Kris: Yes. It started with the fight with Rhona. I could have won it, but didn't have enough points at the end. Things went wrong in the fight with Cameron. I still have no idea how I lost to her in that manner. I wasn't concentrating, and I really put my all fans low. I want to apologize about that. Then I had to fight Biel, her strikes were very powerful and sorry guys, I just couldn't deal with them.

Q: Did you have a title hope when you started the league and still do you have it?

Kris: Yes I had as my size and fighting back ground. But no not now. It looks like Biel going away with it. But I'll turn the things back around and climb up in the table as soon as high as possible.

Q: Don't you think Rhona has a chance to get the title?

Kris: I have fought her, she is very determined and strong. But I also have fought Biel. She's much stronger and lethal than Rhona. Just imagine how powerful she should be to knockout me over the ropes. I can't believe I'm talking to you guys after that knock.

Kate Beckinsale

Q: Kate, you are in the relegation zone when half way through. Do you think you can get out of it.

Kate. Yes, and I must. 2 wins will do it. I think I will not have a problem against maggie q and milla. I will do my best to beat Garner in next match. She's little bigger than me but smaller girls has beaten biggers many time.

Q: When you look back who were the opponents that could have been beaten?

Kate: Kelly Hu and Angelina Jolie fights. Both fights were closed games but I couldn't finished well.

Q: Hope it''ll be better in future fixtures. Thank you.

Kate: Thank you.

Rhona Mitra

Q: Wow, nice bikini. you seems to be enjoying this well?

Rhona: (Embarrassingly laughing) Since all the girls revealing, I thought why not me.

Q: How do you feel to be unbeaten.

Rhona: It adds some extra pressure, Because It makes you to keep maintain it.

Q: Next match is a big one. Winner of it will lead the league table. Will you be the one to beat Biel.

Rhona: It's gona be a difficult fight and hard to predict any thing till the end. But Rhona Mitra is ready to take her. I'm strong and I really can take powerful strikes on to my body like I did when I was tortured in Doomsday movie.

Q: Thanks Rhona. Are you gona wear a bikini in the fight with Biel?

Q:(laughing) No way. It's gona be a hard fight. A bikini will not be retained. Thanks guys.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Match day 5 - Results

We had some great fights in this match day also.

Match 1: Angelina Jolie vs Kelly Hu

Some thought Jolie turned her tomb raider bike to the right direction last fight against Beckinsale and continue her wining stream this fight also. But Kelly destroyed all Jolie fans hopes and sealed the victory after a great competitive fight.

Match 2: Cameron Diaz vs Maggie Q

Once again Diaz dominated her fight. She did it against the biggest of the league earlier, and now did the same to the smallest, sending a message, you give me any size I'll humiliate that ass. Anyway Maggie gave some acrobatic kicks here and there, but not enough to put taller and stronger Diaz ass on ground at least once.

Match 3: Jennifer Garner vs Milla Jovovich

Garner is continuing her run putting all her opponents a side and pressurizing Biel and Rhona. No big size difference between the fighters, but Biel is little bit thicker than Milla. It was a competitive fight but Garner edged Milla every time. Milla failed to be consistent when she got chances and Garner was very professional and grabbed points one by one and sealed the victory finally.

Match 4: Jessica Biel vs Kristanna Loken

Some said if Biel is goint to be beaten in this league, it's gotta be by Kristanna Loken. Because she's big and powerful woman who has trained martial arts for most of her movies. But once again she disappointed all her fans by getting beaten by her younger and smaller opponent. From start to end all that people saw was Biel punching and kicking her big punching bag and all that people heard was the moaning of big girl. Somehow It took about 10 minutes for Biel to put Kristanna in to sleep. She knock down her about 20 times during the fight but Loken kept standing back before 10 seconds until Biel kicked her over the ring. Tall Kristanna easily rolled over the ropes and fell out of the ring on to the feet of her own fans skirt up and prostrated sinking her further down in the table in to the losers half.

Match 5 :

When fighters entering in to the arena, Rhona was the clear favorite. She's just second to Biel by average possession and beating mighty opponents like Loken. On the other hand Kate was in relegation zone, even beaten by losing fighters like Jolie and even Kate fans didn't think she has a chance against strong busty Rhona. As predicted it was a one way traffic. Kate came in her tough looking underworld kit but all she was under Rhona. Rhona came to the fight in a bikini which clearly shows how simply she took this fight. She would never wear a bandeau bra because noway it's going to be holding those d cup bust in a competitive fight. Even in this fight she had to keep checking and fixing it back. But she had enough time to do that since not much fight back came from the other end.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Matchday 5

Welcome to the match day 5 of the league. Big girls dominating the top of the table while skinny small girls stuck at the bottom part. But it's not the biggest girl in the top of the table, but the one with most muscles. We have interesting battles coming up this match day as biggest vs fittest battle, Kristanna Loken vs Jessica Biel and many more. Voting will be ended on 15th January.

Match 1

Angelina Jolie (35 yrs, 5'8'' , 36 C-24-36)


Kelly Hu (42 yrs, 5'5'', 34 B-24-34)

Angi sealed her 1st victory in last match day, Can she makes it a habit? She came to the ring in a very heroine looking Tomb Raider out fit which is probably the most successful heroine character she has ever done. Kelly Hu on the other hand seems to be very casual in her tank top and jeans. What would be the final outcome?

Match 2

Cameron Diaz ( 38yrs, 5'9'' , 34 B-23-36)


Maggie Q (31 yrs, 5'6'', 34 B-24-33)

Cameron Diaz became so famous and a very powerful opponent among the fighters of the league after she totally whipped Loken's big and strong ass last match day. Definitely this is not a kind of opponent Maggie wanted who is in a loosing mentality. Diaz is the top favorite, but will she deliver it?

Match 3

Jennifer Garner (38 yrs, 5'8'', 34 C-27-35)


Milla Jovovich (35 yrs, 5'7'', 32 B-24-34)

Garner was becoming strong through out last few days and Milla never consistent so far. Garner comes to the ring wearing a over coat over her jeans and t shirt. Milla in her Resident Evil:Extinction out fit which look very tough and dominant. Will the fight goes as the out fits look?

Match 4

Jessica Biel ( 28 yrs, 5'7'', 34 C-26-36)


Kristanna Loken (31 yrs, 5'11'', 34 B-24-36)

It wasn't a good time Loken was spending recent past in the league and it's getting worse as she has to face the most dominant and strongest opponent of the league after that humiliated defeat from the hands of Cameron Diaz. But still she's the biggest fighter in the league and Biel said she will never under estimate her in the pre match interview. Loken came to the ring in a black t-shirt and blue short skirt revealing almost all of her big strong long legs which can definitely capable of putting Biel who is in a pilot out fit to a sleep by a head scissor. But the question is will she be able to get to that superior position against this young athletic muscled power house?

Match 5

Kate Beckinsale ( 37 yrs, 5'8'', 34 B-24-34)


Rhona Mitra (34 yrs, 5'7'', 34 D-24-35)

Wow. People didn't expect this kind of out fit from Rhona. It looks like she's coming to enjoy this fight. Comparing to Rhona Kate has nothing. I'm not talking about their bust. I'm talking about factors like muscle power, size advantage, mentality...etc. So there's no doubt about whose on the top of this fight. But under estimating an opponent is not a good thing either. Rhona in her bikini vs Kate in her black leather overall. What will happen in the "'Battle of Underworld"?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Matchday 4 - Results

Match 1: Angelina Jolie vs Kate Beckinsale

Fight showed how much both of them needed their first victory. This reminded the Loken vs Rhona fight last match day. Kate was on top in 1st half and threw some punches which made jolie on the ground but Jolie stood back to her feet as a true heroine and fought back. She scored better in 2nd half and sealed a 1 point victory at the end.

Match 2: Cameron Diaz vs Kristanna Loken

Since both are tall and strong women and both are in top half of the table people expected another competitive fight. Diaz came to the fight in a pink and white bikini which was already wet by her heavy warm ups. Loken was in a black bra and a short which reveals her strong 6 foot body. But it was beaten heavily by punches and kicks of diaz as she was helplessly mourning, disappointing all neutral and loken fans hopes.

Match 3: Jennifer Garner vs Maggie Q

Garner was getting stronger and better before this fight and that has raised her confidence very high. Maggie on the other hand was experiencing the complete opposite. Even their outfits made Garner look more stronger than Maggie. As the fight started Garner started to control the game and became and stronger and stronger until little Maggie knocked out.

Match 4: Jessica Biel vs Milla Jovovich

Nothing surprised in this fight as the queen of the league Biel controlling 89% of the fight. Biel was able to put Milla down and apply a boston crab which made the fight finish earlier.

Match 5: Kelly Hu vs Rhona Mitra

Rhona is the only unbeaten fighter in this league alone with Biel. That made Rhona the favorite in this fight and she kept the hopes even Kelly gave her a very good fight. Rhona struggled a little by Kelly's fast punches, kicks and defensive moves first but she was smart enough to get closer to her and make this fight more of a grappling which made her strength advantage the dominant factor and Kelly's fast martial art skills useless.

After the matchday 4 Loken sank to the middle of the table and Garner and Diaz climbed up.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Matchday 4

Welcome to match day 4. Vote for following fixtures before 26th December 2010. Make your heroine to the top of the table.

Match 1
Angelina Jolie (35 yrs, 5'8'' , 36 C-24-36)


Kate Beckinsale ( 37 yrs, 5'8'', 34 B-24-34)

None of these women could perform a victory pose in this league so far. Surely one of them will be this time. But who? Angi in a black swim kit and Becki in a black and white bikini. Who will win this beach fight?

Match 2

Cameron Diaz ( 38yrs, 5'9'' , 34 B-23-36)


Kristanna Loken (31 yrs, 5'11'', 34 B-24-36)

Loken started the league very well. Dropped in to 3rd from 2nd because of the defeat by Rhona last match day. She surely not want to make it two in a row. But she's facing an equally tougher opponent this time also. Cameron Diaz. She couldn't stop wearing her favorite dress type even in an under ground fight. She's in a bikini. Kris wearing a black short and a bra. Both are determined to beat the other. Who will do it?

Match 3

Jennifer Garner (38 yrs, 5'8'', 34 C-27-35)


Maggie Q (31 yrs, 5'6'', 34 B-24-33)

Garner looking good in her red elektra outfit. Garner also doing good in recent fights. Can she keep it up? Or will Maggie win the victory that she deserved?

Match 4

Jessica Biel ( 28 yrs, 5'7'', 34 C-26-36)


Milla Jovovich (35 yrs, 5'7'', 32 B-24-34)

Here comes the lady. She dominated every match so far. Hopefully same will happen this time also. Wearing a bikini revealing her massive muscles. Can Milla give a fight for the league dominatrix? Or this will be the Biel nightmare for Milla?

Match 5

Kelly Hu (42 yrs, 5'5'', 34 B-24-34)


Rhona Mitra (34 yrs, 5'7'', 34 D-24-35)

Kelly started the league well, but lost to Garner last match day. Surely she doesn't want to make it two in a row. But she's facing even a toughr opponent this time. Rhona Mitra. Just second to Biel and still undefeated. Can Kelly's fast Asian martial arts can match the strength of this power house?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Matchday 3 Results

Match 1: Angelina Jolie vs Jessica Biel

Match goes the way it was predicted. Young and strong Biel totally owned the industry legend. Biel put her foot on Jolie knocked out body pushing her down to the dead bottom of the league table.

Match 2: Cameron Diaz vs Kate Beckinsale

Interesting match for guys to watch since both were in wet bikinis and there were plenty of nipple slips while the fight. Diaz were on top most of the time and win it fairly easily.

Match 3: Jennifer Garner vs Kelly Hu

Kelly's chinese martial arts were totally over powered by Garner's strength. Fight held on a roof top in mid night and surely Kelly's tiny bikini couldn't protect her from freezing temperature which gave Garner the upper hand.Garner's early couple of blows did a big damage to kelly and she never recovered from it. Kelly tasted her 1st loss.

Match 4: Kristanna Loken vs Rhona Mitra

In this match Rhona showed the world how power full her punches are. Even a big girl like Kristanna couldn't handle those. but before those Kristanna uses her long legs and arms well and kept Rhona beyond Rhona's reach. But Rhona welcome few mistakes from kris and put her on the floor several times. Match was open until last second and crowd had no idea who won until referee raised Rhona's hands announcing a one point victory. Matchday 3 doesn't seem to be a night for girls in bikinis.

Match 5: Maggie Q vs Milla Jovovich

Another competitive fight. Milla won her 1st CFL match. Maggie Q showed a great spirit so far but couldn't finish any. She really deserves a win. Viewers gave a good encouraging clap while she was heading back to locker room disappointingly.

League Table after the Match Day 3